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Scott Schaffer Testimonial

"Jason is a great writer with a rare combination of attention to detail and ingenuity. He has an excellent grasp of marketing strategy and his ideas and content will represent an organization's products and services very well."

Scott Schaffer

PR Writing professor

purdue university

Mark Flickinger


Flickinger boulton

gooch robson

Terry Peterman

Financial Adviser

Edward Jones

"Jason wrote a script for one of our YouTube videos, and that video went on to hit over 20 million views in about one year. I'm really impressed with the results of his work and his ability to understand our audience's entertainment needs." 

Christian de Azevedo


Two Little Hands


Cheri Sparks Testimonial

"Jason proved himself to be an unusually careful, cogent, and creative writer during my experience with him as his instructor in a graduate level persuasion course."

Cheri Sparks

Persuasion professor

purdue university

Nate Fenwick Testimonial

"Jason did an amazing job with the press release for my single release with Evie Clair (America’s Got Talent). His writing is creative yet straight forward, and he knows exactly how to get the word out. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone in the industry trying to make a name for themselves." 

Nate Fenwick


fenwick & the Futures

Kirk Rogers


kirk's detail

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