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Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are used to communicate the value of your product or service to a potential customer.  

They must be easy to read, tell a story, and contain many details about your product's features and benefits. 

A good product description is persuasive because it describes how your product can make the customer's life better. 

Check out the following samples for ideas on the types of product descriptions I can write for you. 

Tropicana Orange Juice Product Description (Spec):

Product Description for Tropicana

What makes Tropicana's 100% freshly squeezed pulp-free orange juice so great? 

Our oranges are lovingly cultivated and organically grown to become as big, refreshing, and delicious as possible.  Then, they are tenderly hand-picked by expert farmers and carefully hand squeezed to filter out any undesired bits. 

This process ensures that you get only the smoothest, healthiest, and most savory homemade tase possible. 

And to make it even better for you, our juice is never sweetened and never concentrated.  With our juice, you get only 100%, hand-squeezed fruit and vitamins in every cup. 

Try Tropicana's pulp-free orange juice today.  Your taste buds and your immune system will thank you later. 

Note: These are spec product descriptions. They were created for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect actual work done for these companies. 

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