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Interested in working with Pop Jots?  Please see a list of the prices I charge for each type of project below. 

Prices List:

Pop Jots offers three types of payment plans. They are project fees, a retainer plan, and an hourly plan. You are free to choose the plan you want based on your needs.

Depending on the project, distribution fees and added production costs may be extra regardless of what payment plan you choose.

Writing Project Fees: 

  • Content Writing:
    • Blogs – $0.45 per word 
    • Proofreading – $35 per page reviewed (rounded up to nearest half-page length 
    • Social Media Posts – $0.45 per word 
    • Transcriptions – $3 per recorded minute 
  • Online Copywriting: 
    • Display Ads – $100 per ad 
    • Email Campaigns – $100 to $300 per email
    • Product Descriptions – $70 per 100 words 
    • Sales Pages – $0.65 per word 
    • Search Engine Ads – $60 per ad + distribution fees 
    • Social Media Ads – $100 to $200 per ad
    • Video Scripts – $250 per page 
    • Website Pages – $250 to $800 per page 
  • Offline Copywriting:
    • Brochures – $120 to $250 per panel
    • Direct Mail – $200 per page + distribution fees
    • Posters + Flyers – $200 per ad + distribution fees 
    • Radio Spots – $150 per 30 seconds of ad time + distribution fees
  • Public Relations Writing:
    • Media Kit – $250 per page 
    • Media Pitch – $200 per pitch message 
    • Press Releases – $300 per written release + distribution fees 
    • Speech Writing – $100 per every minute of the finished speech

Retainer Plan: 

Retainer plans typically cost $6,200 a month + applicable fees per project. However, the retainer fee will be knocked down to $5,500 per month + applicable fees per project if you commit to my services for at least 3 months. A retainer plan gets you up to 30 hours of my time per week. 

Hourly Plan:

If you want to hire me per hour, I charge most clients $50 per hour. 

Advertisement Distribution:

Distribution costs are 110% the rates of whatever distribution company Pop Jots works with to distribute a project on your behalf. The distribution fee counts for things like targeted tv ads, radio ads, billboard ads, and so forth. 

  • Example: You want to pay a billboard company $10,000 to distribute your ad for two weeks. Pop Jots would charge $10,000 to cover the cost of the billboard company’s services + $1000 as a finders fee for working with the billboard company on your behalf. The total distribution fee = $11,000. 

With social media ads, digital display ads, SEM ads, and website ads, distribution costs are 110% for distribution fees (how much you want to spend on the ad + 10% of that amount). 

  • Example: You want to spend $100 on a Facebook ad. You would pay Pop Jots $100 to cover the cost of the ad + a $10 management fee to help you post the ad. The total distribution fee = $110. 

Distribution costs only count if Pop Jots distributes the ad for you. Pop Jots can not lower the distribution costs because they are set based on a third-party company's rates.

Production Costs:

Depending on the project, additional production costs may come into effect if you ask Pop Jots to do anything extra. These costs will be used to cover the extra time, cost of talent, and cost of resources that it takes to produce the more work. 

  • Example: If you ask Pop Jots to produce a radio ad that it writes for you, Pop Jots will charge you extra to cover the costs of voice actor fees, music fees, and sound effect fees.

Production costs will change based on what the project is and how much extra work is needed to complete the project after the writing is done.

Additional Notes: 

All prices are subject to change at any time. 

Changing the scope of a project or adding extra requests for new writing work will affect how much you need to pay for these services. 

If you cancel or put a project on hold after Pop Jots has already started working on it, the project may be subject to a 30% project kill fee. 

Because every project is influenced by various factors – including product, market, price, list, demand, consumer preferences, competition, and major events – Pop Jots and its affiliates cannot guarantee specific results on any project. 

Although Pop Jots makes every effort to make your copy comply with the law, Pop Jots and its employees and representatives are not attorneys. Therefore, it is the Client’s responsibility to submit all copy for legal review.

The Client is responsible for the final proofreading and approval of all the copy on each project.

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