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Radio Spots

Radio spots are a great tool for building awareness of your products, services, and events.  They are low-cost and can deliver a quick message to a targeted group of people in a specific area. 

Radio ads are especially effective when you need to educate others about something or get your customers to act quickly. 

Check out my samples below for more information on the types of radio ads I can create for you.

Dream Dinners Written Spec Sample:

SFX: A child screams and cries

Wife: Sorry sweetie, you can have cookies after dinner. (scoffs) Burnt again?

SFX: Pot stirring. A door opens and closes. Happy music starts playing.  

Husband: Honey, I’m home.

Wife: Hey honey. Dinner’s burned.

Husband: That’s okay honey, we can go to Dream Dinners for our food.

Wife: Dream Dinners? What’s that?

Husband: Well, it’s this great place where they do all of the food prep work for you so you can enjoy more time with your family.

Wife: Oh?

Husband: Yeah, you can choose from a menu of 17 food options per month. And they partner with Sysco, so you get the best quality of food possible.

Wife: Sound great! How do I order?

Husband: Well, you can call them at 614-798-1400. That’s 614-798-1400. Or visit their website at www.dreamdinners.com. Call or visit them today!

Wife: Thanks Honey!

Husband: You’re fine!

Dream Dinners Spec Radio Ad (Recorded Version):

Pop Jots Radio Ad:

Note: Some of these samples are spec radio spots. They were created for sample purposes only and might not reflect actual work done for these companies. 

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